By Chreri Kuptz

My name is God and I have been creating unique female masterpieces for thousands of years. I began my creative work during an incredible but exhausting 6 day intensive creative design storm known as my Creation Series which included the air and space serried, land and sea series, the night and day series, the animal and plant series and finally my human series.

I began the human series with my first male Adam made from the very dust of the earth and my own breath of life, my spirit breathed into him. Then after the first male came my first female piece. I named her Eve and I created her from the rib of Adam. Eve was first exhibited in the Garden of Eden but only for a limited engagement.

My inspiration for each piece comes from my own son Jesus, the world’s savior who reminds me a lot of myself. I personally made each piece in this series with my own hands, as molds do not work in my creative process. Because I don’t use molds, each piece is incredibly time intensive. In fact, I started the creation process for these women at the PWF Gallery You-Nique, before any were even born. I began knitting each one of them in her mother’s womb and have continued working on each women piece for 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and some for even 70 plus years.

What you see in the gallery today are all works in progress as my only completed pieces are on display in my heavenly gallery. If you come to the gallery next month, the gallery will look different and by next year, after I have had more studio design time with each women, there will be some exciting and inspiring changes breathed into each of these special creations. After Today, the current gallery will close but each of these female masterpieces will be part of a traveling display in San Diego, Chula Vista, Mission Bay, Rancho Bernardo, Poway, Escondido, and other west coast venues.

Please be aware as you survey the gallery that each piece is uniquely created and there are absolutely no two alike. I made each one in a similar format beginning with an incredible body form filled with some pretty amazing biological systems. I am especially proud of the brain , circulatory and reproductive systems. I design each unique body form by making some tall, some short while some have varying amounts of softness or firmness in their bellies, breasts and thighs. I have a wide range of colors in my paint palette and use it to make the individual hair, skin and eye colors and even a specially designed fingerprint. As you can see, I love the use of color and form!!

While each woman has an exceptionally detailed face that exudes beauty, I really have spent most of my artistic time on the inner beauty of each masterpiece. If you walk quickly through the exhibit you won’t be able to observe these amazing attributes. In order to truly know how imaginative I am as a Creator, I invite you to spend some time with each individual piece. You really need to sit and listen to their voices in order to get a sense of their warm, sensitive hearts; their true inner beauty and soul. I specifically made each one of them to have a special purpose for their life. This purpose incorporates all the unique qualities I created within them including their personality, gifts, talents and each pieces individual life experiences.

As an artist, I truly feel amazingly glorified when each piece is displayed just as I created her to be. Each gallery masterpiece is spectacular and I absolutely love each and every one exactly as they are and as you see them today. I truly do not have a favorite piece; I just adore how different and special each woman is in the series. I am filled with pride and hope as I display the pieces in the world renowned PWF Gallery You-Nique. Please take time to enjoy the gallery exhibit, as you will see, it is some of my very best work!!!

Written with great love and passion for my work,