Is your visual brand helping you?

Simply put – your Visual Brand is the unique imagery that directly and indirectly communicates your company to the world – with the ultimate goal to get and keep customers.

This includes your web site, marketing materials, Social Media (i.e. Google Business, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter), and paid ads – even the company shirts and pens.

It is important to keep your “eye” on your Visual Brand to ensure it communicates your company optimally – this is especially important in our current social media culture.

What are the basic elements of a great Visual Brand?

  • Imagery appropriate to your company’s identity and mission: pictures can be worth a thousand words, good or bad!
  • The same logo everywhere: your logo should display well everywhere (color and black and white printers, websites, print materials, etc.).
  • Consistent color palette: your style guide tells your staff the exact colors for each product, service, and situation.
  • Consistent typography: your style guide tells your staff the exact typography for each product, service, and situation.
  • Following best practices on all platforms: readable content, correct alignment of content, white space balance, fast loading images on the web, etc.

How effective is your Visual Brand at getting and keeping customers? For assistance with your Visual Brand, give Wisdom Matrix a call. We would be happy to help you succeed!

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